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Consumer Credit Counseling can obtain a copy of your Equifax, Experian and Transunion credit reports and credit scores from each of those bureaus. The bureaus will include a listing of all of the creditors that report to each bureau and the payment history, current balance and the date of the last activity on each account. It will also include a summary of any legal action such as judgments and bankruptcy.

Can I get a free copy of my report?
You can get a free copy of your report from all 3 bureaus one time a year from You can also get a free report if you have been turned down for credit because of information in the report. The free copy does not include your credit score

Why should I get my report from CCCS?
You will receive easy to read reports and scores and a 30 minute confidential explanation of the report. Our counselors will explain your credit score and how it impacts the cost you pay for credit. They will show you how to dispute inaccurate information, improve your score and inform you of your consumer rights. They will help you determine if you have been a victim of identity theft.

Is there a charge for the reports and credit scores?
Yes. The Agency has to pay the bureaus for your reports and scores. The prices are as follows:

Credit Report Review Pricing Schedule

One Bureau report for one person

$ 25.00

Two Bureau report for one person

$ 30.00

Three Bureau report for one person

$ 40.00

One Bureau report for two people (joint report)

$ 35.00

Two Bureau report for two people (joint report)

$ 50.00

Three Bureau report for two people (joint report)

$ 70.00

Can I get just one bureau and score?
When you come for the appointment just tell the receptionist which report you are interested in. Each bureau comes with one score.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes. We provide this service by appointment in Medford Oregon. You would call 541-779-2273 to make an appointment and bring proof of identity (drivers license is the most common) and payment in cash to the appointment.

I already have a current report but I need someone to explain it to me. Do you do that?
Yes. Call for an appointment. Indicate that you already have your report. Bring $20 and proof of identity.

Follow this link to get answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about credit reports, and click here to see a sample of a dispute letter

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