Debt Management Plan


Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were no longer able to make the minimum payments to your creditors? Finances can change due to many reasons and we can quickly find ourselves overextended. This is one reason why CCCS offers a Debt Management Program (DMP), which allows CCCS to manage the repayment to your creditors on a monthly basis. This can result in lower interest and monthly payments in order to bring your accounts current with your creditors!
Today we are taking time to thank Rogue Credit Union (RCU) for being one of the creditors we work with to help clients get back on track. CCCS is also fortunate to have RCU Chief Lending Officer, Richard (Rich) Muckey, as our Board Member Past President. Rich compared the common interests of both RCU and CCCS, “Like Rogue Credit Union, CCCS is a community based-organization, working to make Southern Oregon better for us all. My biggest interest in the organization has been the wide range of services, dedication and compassion that CCCS provides to its clients.”
Rogue Credit Union is dedicated to giving back to Southern Oregon. Rich explained why the cause of supporting our local community with financial literacy and education matters,
“At Rogue Credit Union, we understand that folks fall on hard times, and we try to work with them to find a mutually beneficial solution to their financial situation. CCCS is a strong partner in creating financially healthy communities and is equipped to work closely with folks who need assistance in getting their finances on the right track. At Rogue, we see CCCS as an integral organization that fills a vital need in the community.”  
RCU is very community focused! You might recall Rogue Credit Union even featured CCCS as a non-profit in one of their promotions last year! RCU donated $.50 per click on their website, which resulted in a $1525 donation to CCCS.
As a reminder, you do not have to feel like your head is barely above water in regards to your finances in order to make an appointment with CCCS. Rich offered the following advice, “CCCS is an excellent resource in our community! From financial check-ups, confidential credit counseling, debt management plans to general financial education, CCCS is an organization you should check out, regardless of your financial situation.” 


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