Christina Kruger Board Vice President

Christina Kruger, CCCS Board Vice President

This month we take a closer look at CCCS Board Vice President, Christina Kruger. Christina and her family relocated to Southern Oregon about five years ago. Shortly after moving to the area, she learned about CCCS from Pacific Power, where she has been employed for 14 years. Christina has held the position as the Regional Business Manager for Pacific Power for the last four years and has been volunteering with CCCS for three years. She explained what influenced her decision to volunteer with CCCS in the first place, “I care about our community and I want to see the people in it thrive. CCCS offers lessons in valuable life skills to individuals in our community and in turn this helps to strengthen our community.  CCCS is a true community partner and it is my honor to be a part of their support network.”

Christina spends a great portion of her time volunteering in our community, but she does not do it alone. For the past year, Christina has shared her passion with her family and they have all dedicated their time to weekly volunteer work. What does that look like, you may ask? Two hours every Saturday morning,  three hours every Sunday morning during the school year, and one hour on Monday evenings. 

Christina believes we need to be able to see our dreams and realize them. If your dreams are getting obstructed by a mountain of debt, your plan isn’t working, it is time to make a change. Being in control of your finances can be a liberating experience. CCCS is a small non-profit organization, which strives to help our community reach their financial goals. Christina shared benefits of clients working with CCCS, “Learning how to better manage your money and having guidance as you work toward lowering your debt is empowering! The counselors at CCCS want to see you succeed and they will partner with you to develop a plan that will work.    

Debt can be overwhelming and may even block the ability for people to find the way out on his or her own. Christina offers the following advice for someone that is hesitant about sharing his or her own financial challenges, “Taking the steps to better manage your finances is smart. Money is hard to earn and easy to lose. Why risk losing more money and time away from your loved ones just to pay fees? Take care of your finances, make a plan and enjoy more of your life.  Learning how to manage your finances is not something to be ashamed of, it is something to be proud of!” CCCS could not agree more.

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