As a nonprofit organization, Consumer Credit Counseling relies on the generosity of charitable donations to help support its ongoing operations. Each gift, regardless of size, provides invaluable funding for the Agency’s services including the money management volunteer program, credit counseling and community financial education.  

Some of our clients and local teachers and program coordinators have kindly shared their feelings regarding the help we provide:

Oregon Money Management Client: “My volunteer is great. I couldn’t live without her. She takes the burden off of me and bills get paid. With my current medical condition I don’t remember things so she keeps me out of trouble. I love her to death.”

Credit Counseling Client: “CCCS has been great. They gave me help when no one else would. I seriously do not know what I would have done without them. They feel like family. With their help I feel like I have a whole new chance at life.” 

High School Teacher: “Financial education is a must for students who are just
starting out so that they don’t get over their heads in debt. Sound financial planning helps for a life time.” 

Bridges Program Coordinator: “I thought the presentation went really well—many thanks. The hard part for these women is that their bout with drugs has left them with years of debt. They are just crawling out of that hole…getting their children back, getting through drug and family court, trying to patch their lives together. They have very few life skills and their financial lives are in chaos. Many of them left school at a very young age and do not have the skills to make it without help. You did a great job addressing their questions and concerns.”

Your contribution is tax deductible. Our federal tax identification number is 93-0585893. Please print your Pay Pal receipt as verification of your donation.

Please contact CCCS if you encounter difficulty with online giving: or call Michael Parrish at 541-779-2273

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