Pre-Discharge Education

Before your debts are discharged you must complete an approved educational course. Upon completion of this two-hour course, and presentation of your bankruptcy case number, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  This class must be taken after you've received your bankruptcy counseling, and after you or your attorney has filed your case, and you receive a case number from the courts.  CCCS of Southern Oregon does not permit attorneys to register debtors. Debtors must register themselves. CCCS does not provide discount fees for promotional purposes or as an incentive to referring counsel. You must present a picture ID (current driver's license) at this course.

Medford Classes:

Classes are held at our office: 820 Crater Lake Ave #202  Medford, OR 97504. To register for Medford Classes, call (541) 779-2273. Scheduled classes are: 

July 19, 2017 3 pm - 5 pm   August 15, 2017 3 pm - 5 pm  
September 19, 2017 3 pm - 5 pm   October 17, 2017 3 pm - 5 pm  
November 16, 2017 3 pm - 5 pm   December 13, 2017 3 pm - 5 pm  

Print a Medford Schedule here.

FEES:  The charge for educational classes is $30.00 per person or $45.00 per couple filing jointly and attending the same class.  Fees must be paid in cash at the CCCS office during normal office hours, prior to your first counseling session or class, and are non-refundable.
CCCS will provide services without regard to a debtor student's ability to pay and will not withhold services because of an inability to pay. You will be eligible to have this fee waived if your income is less than 150% of the federal poverty guidelines for your family size as published in the Federal Register. If a waiver of the fee is requested, proof of income must be submitted to the CCCS office.​ 

Consumer Credit Counseling is approved to offer the Pre-Discharge Bankruptcy Education course on-line.  To learn more about the Pre-Discharge On-line Education Class, follow this link.

What some students have said of the on-line class

  • Graphics and organization of this course were impressive. The interactive links and worksheets kept my interest and made the class easier to get through. I've taken college courses on-line before and none of them was as interesting, and workable as this. 
  • While bankruptcy has been painful I have learned a lot of useful tools that I intend to take advantage of in the months to come.
  • I enrolled in a money management course at my local college, and I honestly got more out of this class than I did the college class. I really enjoyed this one.
  • Great Job thanks for all the help
  • It's a course everyone should see.
  • Nice to talk to someone in Medford that was helpful and nice  
  • Made me think about new areas I can work on in my personal life.  Thank You.  

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