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Volunteerism Pays Off
His talent for money management is a way to help seniors in need.
By Heather Black  Mail Tribune

Don Riegger flipped open his black Razr and scrolled through his phone book to find Barbara Montoya's number. But when he called, his client wasn't answering.
"I hope she's not out spending money," he said. "I told her not to spend over $100."
Riegger is in charge of her finances. A 63-year-old senior volunteer for AARP's Money Management Program at Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Medford, he has two clients who rely on him to help with paying bills each month. But Montoya, 77, has the most problems. To continue, click here.

A Client Testimonial

We received a very nice e-mail from a client regarding her meeting with her AARP Money Management volunteer, and thought we would share it with you.

"Good Afternoon Mr. Jones,
Yes we did have our meeting, I think it was on June 13th.  She (AARP Volunteer) is so nice and I really appreciate it that she is willing to do this for me.  I have struggled all of my life with paying bills on time, I suffer from ADD and I am a procrastinator really bad,  that is why I have never really wanted even a charge account.  I am the type of person that will say, I will do this on this date and the procrasticnate and it does not get done and then I forget all about it.  So it has been a blessing to me to have someone like "AARP Volunteer name" that will do this for me.  You do not know how much I appreciate it, so I want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!."  Signed-    Name withheld 

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