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Meet Richard Muckey, CCCS Board President

CCCS would like to take you behind the scenes of our 44-year-old organization! Did you know we have a local Board of Directors consisting of 12 amazing local people? Today, I introduce to you our Board President, Richard (Rich) Muckey.

Rich first got involved with CCCS a couple of years ago when he became a Board member. Rich is the Chief Lending Officer at Rogue Credit Union (RCU), where a big part of who RCU is, is giving back to our community through volunteer efforts. When asked why Rich chose CCCS to volunteer his time to, he replied, “My 30+ year career and involvement in the Financial Services industry made CCCS a natural fit to align my expertise with their mission of supporting clients’ financial needs through education and support."

Many of you may think of CCCS as just a service that provides credit counseling and debt management service. Rich wants everyone to know CCCS can assist people “in every stage of life and financial situation”. For example, newly divorced people that previously were not the ones responsible for the finances in the marriage, are great examples of people that can benefit from having a “financial coach” to help them establish and reach their financial goals. 

Rich definitely does not take all the credit for the success CCCS has had in Southern Oregon. While working on the Board at CCCS Rich described the people he has met, “CCCS has a volunteer Board filled with dedicated and talented professionals representing a variety of segments within the community who serve to give the required guidance in all the challenges non-profit organizations face including ongoing funding which is the lifeline to these organizations. They have an incredibly professional and passionate staff that provide expert financial education and coaching to their clients.”

When Rich is not working or volunteering, he enjoys reading, listening to music and watching movies. He would like to leave you with this advice if you are thinking about donating or volunteering your time to CCCS, “It is an investment in YOUR community to improve the lives of your friends, neighbors, and family. The ripple effect of your investment is immense. Not only the person served is impacted, but the positive impact it makes on the person’s entire family and the people they come into contact with, as well as offering educational opportunities for groups of people that can truly benefit from their services.”

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